How to Prepare for a Successful Valentine’s Day Meal

Wondering what to serve this Valentine’s Day? Follow KAM Designs dos and don’ts of romantic cooking to make sure your dinner date is a sophisticated success.

Don’t Panic on Valentine’s Day

If you’ve left things to the last minute, you can still restore your romantic reputation with quick and simple supper.

The fact that you’re making the effort is far more exciting than a six course meal with a flambé to finish.

Do your research

Take the time to tailor your recipe to the tastes of your date oysters may look special but if your date is polite and not a fan it could be a long evening.

Valentine's Day

Don’t make Valentine’s Day messy

Slurping isn’t sexy – so try not to make anything too messy to eat, unless of course you’re going to be munching your spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style in which case all rules go out the window.

Do keep it simple

Your Valentine wants to see you not a fired-up Michelin-starred chef, yes?

Sticking to a dish you know can save a lot of stress on the night, classic steak and chips or Sea-bass and salad  are all bound to hit the spot.

Don‘t dine ’al-fridg-go’

Don’t take inspiration from the fridge scene in 9 ½ Weeks – in any realistic situation a mixture of milk, chilli and jelly does not end in romance.

Do keep things sweet

End your evening on the sweetest of notes with light dessert.

These shouldn’t leave you feeling too full for an after dinner tango or two.

Don’t go garlicky

Unless your date seems to have forgotten their shadow it’s probably best to go easy on the garlic – when it comes to breath, less is definitively more.

Keep Valentine’s Day clean

Nothing will cut a date short like a bit of spinach caught between the teeth, we recommend staying away from this highly sticky ingredient at all costs.

Don’t go too hot

A red face and running nose is a difficult look to pull off, so it might be a good idea to stay clear of anything really spicy.

Finally… Do have fun

As Bridget Jones proved you can dish up blue soup and marmalade and still win your loved one’s heart, the main thing is to relax and enjoy your Valentine’s Day.