Meet The Team

Any kitchen installation project requires careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, a rigorously planned schedule and, most importantly, a dedicated and forward-thinking installation team

Meet The Team

Understanding of the vision…

Remaining compliant with the designer’s guidelines is one of the most important aspects of implementing a successful kitchen installation.

And it’s not just the installation itself which must be compliant, as the team must also carefully follow the guidelines and procedures when it comes to building and installing.

KAM Design believes these aspects shouldn’t be disregarded, as attentiveness and professionalism make our installation team stand out amid competitors!

Attention to detail

A keen eye for detail is a significant trait of all our installer’s. On large scale projects in particular, when our teams are painstakingly installing thousands of pieces of the same collateral, it can be easy to lose focus. However, refining a sharp eye for small mistakes and anomalies make’s all the difference and in turn sets our installation team apart from all the rest.

The skill and commitment of an installation team can make or break a project. Engaging regularly with his team our operations director Daniel oversees the work is complete to schedule and to a standard that reflects the brand and ethos of KAM Design making all the difference to an installation project.

Following successful completion of the SSSTS training course all our KAM Design contracts installation team possess this certificate enabling them to understand all associated responsibilities with regard to employee welfare, health and safety and environmental safety concerns in the construction workplace.

To find out more about how we make your kitchen project a success, get in touch with the team at KAM Design for retail and contract projects.