The Unsung Hero

A kitchen to many people is a place to feed the family, wash the pots and generally prepare the foundations of basic day to day living. Of course, this is the function of a kitchen in the grand scheme of things, but to us at KAM Design it’s not.

If you’ve never bought a kitchen (only inherited one with your home purchase) then you may not entirely know what goes into creating this centre point of your home. At KAM Design we do!

The hours spent creating storage with practical use in every inch of this room, yet keeping the “traditional feel” or “contemporary look” while not destroying the WOW factor, by housing every appliance available on the market is no easy task, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

At KAM Design we have just that person on our team – Since 2002 she has battled with every different shape size, nib, door, bulk-head, extension, pipe-box, solid-wall and soil stack, yet still manages to create some of the best Kitchen and Bedroom designs available in this industry.

As a team, Nicola and Carol work together tirelessly to create exactly what YOU (the customer) needs to function on a day today basis in this VERY important room.

Instructed by Carol on the meticulous details and requirements of YOU the customer, Nicola sets to work on your project and creates “pretty pictures” and plans that start the journey to your Dream kitchen becoming a reality.

The MD calls Nicola his “second pair of eyes” and often asks for her to scan over a design for input, or to design from scratch for him. She has been a very important member of the KAM Family, for many years giving always 110% to her designs.

KAM Design Team all have qualities in this field and produce on a regular basis that certain something which sets us apart from all the rest, many of them being trained by Nicola from the offset with her guidance and support always on hand when needed.

So, to Nicola, our “Unsung Hero”, on behalf of all those functional, fabulous kitchens out there, the happy customers and of course The KAM Design team… A massive well done and thank you for all your challenging work and patience!