The Splash-Back – All you need to know about this functional feature in the Kitchen – from aesthetics to availability

At KAM Design we pride ourselves on keeping abreast with the forever moving market of new ideas and products. One of the fastest growing sectors is always The Splash-Back.

There are many different options from; Glass to Granite, Corian to Quartz. We want to simplify these decisions for you by offering a quick break down of our favourites and their advantages.


People mainly choose this material for a kitchen splash-back to protect their walls, but without introducing a different colour from their worktop.

This makes it an ideal choice if you are looking to blend your worktop and splash-back for a seamless kitchen look. Corian is the brand name for a composite engineered from natural materials and pure acrylic polymer. This combination produces a stone-hard surface. This product is non-porous so stain-proof, easy to clean and hygienic for such reasons Corian is used in many doctors and dental surgeries.

Corian can scratch and is not heat resistant. This means you cannot have it behind a gas hob. Corian can be cut, shaped, polished and drilled to suit individual taste and also can be moulded seamlessly into the worktop which enables you to create a seamless continuation of the worktop up the wall into a splash-back or up-stand.


Quartz is a man-made composite, an engineered stone produced from approximately 90% ground quartz and 8-10% polymers.  It is a popular option for worktops, up-stands and splash-backs.

Quartz is non-porous so stain-proof, easy to clean and hygienic. Scratch and Heat resistance further enhances its durability, so you can have quartz splash-backs or kitchen up-stands behind any hob type. This product can be cut, shaped, polished and drilled to suit individual taste.

The longest possible length is 3 m so you can usually have full sheets without any visible seams. Quartz is unlikely to crack if knocked with a heavy pan. It is available in a wide range of assorted colours.

Glass Splash-Backs

Glass splash-backs are one of the most sought after type of splash-back on the market they are desirable for their sleek look and represent a stunning finishing touch for any modern kitchen design. What’s more, glass splash-backs are affordable, practical, easy to clean and durable. When it comes to choosing glass splash-backs, the options available are seemingly endless! They can be matt to sparkle to metallic or even photo imaged to really personalise your kitchen.

A full sheet of glass up to 3 metres in length can be fitted without joins, and include cut-outs for your sockets and switches. These bespoke glass splash-backs require templating, before the glass is cut off-site ahead of installation.  The end result is a beautiful splash-back which does its job in protecting the walls, and which is also very easy to clean.  If glass is required to cover more than one wall, invisible and seamless joins are possible for the impression of a continuous piece of glass. This can start to incur more cost because bespoke templating is required.

For safety purposes glass intended for kitchen splashbacks is produced from toughened, or ‘tempered glass.’ (Also known as safety glass). This glass is much stronger than standard glass, and is also heat resistant so can be safely fitted behind kitchen hobs without danger of it breaking.

Glass splash-backs for kitchens are made from glass with low iron content, which is best for clearly conveying the colour or image.

Acrylic Glass

With modern advances in acrylic production it is more than reasonable to consider acrylic splash-backs as opposed to glass splash-backs when deciding on your kitchen makeover. Acrylic is durable, easy to clean and hygienic and in most cases cheaper than glass.

Machine shapes such as socket cut outs and window sills can be done on site making it far easier to create a fun, modern smooth finish. Acrylic sheets are an excellent alternative to glass. Acrylic sheets have a tendency to steal the show with its performance as it beats glass in following characteristics: impact weathering strength and resistance to mould.

Acrylic sheets are often chosen as a replacement material to mineral glass. Both of them are transparent materials, but they differ in properties and characteristics. Both of these materials serve same purpose. Acrylic has higher impact resistance than glass. In case of any damage, acrylic will not shatter into small pieces but instead, will crack. If you are a budget conscious individual, then you’ll be happy to know that acrylic sheets are an economical alternative to using glass.

Acrylic sheet can be produced at half the cost of glass. These plastic sheets are lighter in weight and can be easily transported making them shipping friendly. Over the years, the use of acrylic has surpassed glass in terms of versatility and multiple uses, which makes acrylic glass more economical, durable and practical alternative to glass

Stainless Steel

New generation splash-back – Combination of single colours or pure monochromatic are the latest colour trends for walls. With these combinations, stainless steel looks very contemporary and chic apart from the fact that it is very easy to clean.

Since stainless steel splash-backs now come as a single structure, it has a smooth and sparkling appearance complementing any design which is devoted to straight lines and simplicity; they give the decor a very contemporary look.

Moreover, its continuous surface gives an effect of visual continuity to the eye complimenting any other single colour used in the decor. Compatible with any hob this again makes this cost effective splash-back alternative a hot favourite in today’s market especially with the contemporary apartment life and first time buyers.


Granite worktops are made out of naturally occurring material. Granite is not engineered or manufactured – because of this, granite worktops are very durable. Granite is chip-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch resistant. You can be confident that your investment will last a very long time and keep on looking good. You won’t need to worry about your kids scratching your beautiful worktops or ruining them by not using a hot pad or trivet. Granite is very kid-friendly while still looking top-notch.

No two slabs of granite are exactly the same; you will have worktops that are different and unique. Granite can also be finished off in many ways. There are several ways to finish the edges making these worktops individual to you thus giving you the confidence that no one else will have the same worktops.

Granite is an extremely popular choice when purchasing traditional classic kitchens which almost always includes a feature chimney breast. There are two visual options to granite installation within this area “The granite cheeks “and the splash-back look. Cheeks are a continuation of granite within the chimney breast as shown in the picture below. Both extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as practical when cooking within this area.

Any of the above are easily included within our designs opening a wider choice of looks and practicality within your kitchen.

Why not call in and see our designers to discuss these options further – KAM Design Invest in Quality.