Mrs Miziura – It takes a relationship to build a dream…

Burbidge Pronorm

We normally write a piece for our customers to tell their story, but on reading this from our customer I couldn’t help but share it.

After a lovely phone conversation with Mrs Miziura, her statement below mentioned on several occasions was pretty simple really “Understanding the brief”. This is something at KAM Design we are famous for, thus winning time and time again over Independent and National competitors as in this case.

Value for money and quality furniture, with a result that’s breathtaking… I’m sure you’d agree.

We decided to build an extension to our home and needed to find the most cost effective, but more importantly, the best creative kitchen design consultant in the business.

We needed a kitchen, dining area, breakfast-bar and all this to lead into a conservatory – so not a small space to fill.

After a search across Lancashire and many bad experiences with pushy salesmen, we finally found Carol and her team at KAM Design in Preston.

From the minute we entered the showroom we were put at ease and were able to talk to someone who actually listened – very patiently I might add to our needs and requirements.

In some instances our initial thoughts just clearly would not work, and we were pointed in right direction – after all we just had dreams and no real idea what we were doing.

So after 3 visits and a few layouts later we went back to the first design Carol created for us – again patience is a virtue and Carol has this in abundance.

We listened to her advice on layout, mixture of finishes, colours, lighting but more interestingly her ideas to help us to create the right atmosphere, ambience, look, feel and flow of the rooms.

The team of fitters arrived exactly when they said they would, a father and son team (Dave & Chris) who were extremely helpful, meticulous and methodical and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Finally we have our stunning dream kitchen and KAM have certainly exceeded our wildest expectations and some.

I cannot thank Carol and the team enough and would certainly recommend them (as I already have done) to anyone looking for a new kitchen or bathroom.

Mr & Mrs Miziura stumbled across KAM as they left competitors nearby not dissimilar to us.

Not coming from this area they researched us as a company on various social sites and review platforms. Checking we did work outside of the Preston area they decided after the experience and first impressions of Carol and KAM showroom that this was right for their project.

The Kitchen chosen was Burbidge Malmo in Cashmere Gloss with bespoke Pronorm Grey Bardolino Oak Laminate worktops and table.

Exquisite combinations lead by Carol’s experience in the field of tones and colours. So happy with the result, Mrs Miziura is in the process of commissioning a further collection of units and Media Centre from Carol.

As we well know at KAM Design it’s all about the relationship you build that can turn our customer’s dreams into a kitchen reality.

Well done Carol for this amazing project, and a big Thank You to Mr  & Mrs Miziura for your choosing us.

We are looking forward to making the next dream come true very soon.